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This Guarantee Declaration as to the privacy of data exclusively applies to the services of Criações Virgínia, Lda.
The Internet is an amazing communication tool. From day to day, we realise its growing importance in our lives, as all it takes is one click on the computer mouse and we have the world at our feet. People are brought closer together, experiences are spread more quickly. Today, the evolution of our society is rampant.
For all these reasons and so everyone trusts even more in this means of communication, it is very important for Criações Virgínia, Lda. to reassure all users of its services and all visitors of its online pages that their data will be completely  secured.
When we ask for your name, your address, phone number, educational qualifications, among others, we aim to maintain a closer relationship with our users. Thanks to your registration, we will address you by your first name; we will be closer to you and be able to respond to your needs or requests more effectively. Another advantage is the access you have to any of the sets we have at your disposal, to have your name in our best friends list, get discount coupons and the opportunity to apply for our competitions.
If, for any reason, Criações Virgínia, Lda. feels the need to update its privacy policy, you will be the first to know.
Criações Virgínia, Lda. assures you that the aforementioned data SHALL NOT be used in any promotional purposes either by e-mail or telephone contact nor will they used in any other organization or company. Criações Virgínia, Lda. compromises to protect your privacy and will do a great effort to guarantee the use of a technology efficient enough in order to make your online experience increasingly safer and strengthen your relationship with the Web.

For any question concerning this commitment, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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