Why “Pura”?

It came from Virgínia (meaning “pure”) and is based on a type of product that is organic, elegant and classic

We follow a handmade line, focused on the essence of cotton with a contemporary touch

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Caring for Your Products


All Criações Virgínia items can be washed in water. We recommed an initial wash, before first use.


Always choose neutral and biodegradable liquid detergents. Please avoid laundry detergents containing bleach or bleaching agents, as these will damage the colours.


All textiles made from natural fibres shrink very slighlty after the first few washes. After the initial phase, the shrinkage stabilises.


Please avoid high-speed and extended spin cycles. For cotton and linen, you should use an average cycle of 400-600 RPM.


Please separate your laundry by colour and type of fibre (cotton, linen, etc.).


Open and shake out each piece before drying. If you tumble dry, please choose a medium temperature and spin cycle and take your laundry out immediately after drying.

Machine washing

Every delicate and embroidered piece should be turned inside out before it goes in the machine. Please take the garments out from the machine right after the end of the cycle, and shake them out before drying to avoid creases.


Use a good steam iron and turn the embroidery inside out. Please always follow the instructions on the labels.


Always opt for cold washes or low temperatures. For whites, you should always use temperatures below 60ºC, and for colours, please do not wash them at more than 40ºC.


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